Last hope for deserving students with back bills!

Help a student register for class by helping to pay his/her back bills.

Circle of Hope A Project of STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS

Many of our students just need a little bit of help in order to cross the finish line!

It happens at the end of every semester. Many students are anticipating the upcoming, new semester...or better yet, graduation...only to find that they owe the University "back bills." The back bills must be paid off in order to graduate or register for the following semester.

Your gift can help a student cross the threshold! Students must prove financial need, have a minimum GPA and submit a written statement of need. Furthermore, they commit to contributing to the fund upon graduation.

Any donation amount will help!

All donations are greatly appreciated. Back bills come in all sizes . . . but your gift will give a student hope!

Supported by 69 Donations: