The William P. Hytche Legacy Gallery

Dear Alumni & Friends,

You and/or your organization are invited to become an important part of a historical event for the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, formerly known as Maryland State College (MSC). The William P. Hytche Legacy Initiative Committee (WPHLI), established in 2007, is launching its final fundraising campaign to honor the life and outstanding achievements of Dr. William Percy Hytche, Sr.

During Phase I of the Initiative, world renowned artist Simmie Knox was commissioned to paint a portrait of Dr. Hytche. Many of you helped make that happen, and today that portrait hangs in the lobby of the William P. Hytche Athletic Center. Phase II involved securing a home for and building the William P. Hytche Legacy Gallery, where photos, artifacts, and memorabilia spanning his life from early childhood to retirement will be displayed. The gallery, which is currently a work in progress, will be an exciting addition to the William P. Hytche Athletic Center as well.

Phase III includes a grand opening that is tentatively planned to coincide with Founder's Week in September 2016. Members of the Hytche family will be in attendance, and here is where we need your help!

Dr. William P. Hytche, Sr. served the University for 36½ years, teaching and/or interacting with many of us. Remember the "Hawks Nest?" We see that Hawk's Nest as one of many testaments to the level of commitment Dr. Hytche had to bettering the lives of thousands. Dr. Hytche came to Maryland State College (now UMES) in 1960. He first served as an instructor in the Department of Mathematics. He progressed quickly through the faculty ranks and also held numerous administrative positions during his tenure at MSC; serving as chair of the Department of Mathematics, dean of the Division of Student Affairs and chair of the Division of Liberal Studies. He was appointed Acting Chancellor of UMES in 1975 and then President in June of 1976. After a stellar career as its chief administrator, Dr. Hytche retired from the presidency of UMES in June of 1997 after having served 21½ years. He is the only person to hold the distinguished title of President Emeritus of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

We are delighted to report that Dr. Hytche's spirit is alive and well at the University. Upon approaching the campus, you can see it in the physical plant, which includes several state-of-the-art academic facilities for which he lobbied long and hard. And upon closer examination, you can still see his influence within the University's academic offerings, including several signature programs instituted during his presidency that have contributed to the important developmental history of UMES.

We, the William P. Hytche Legacy Initiative Committee, therefore submit to you that it is only fitting and proper that we finish establishing a permanent physical presence on campus to honor someone who had such a positive and important influence on so many of us at both MSC and UMES. We further submit that we cannot make this happen without your financial support. If you have already contributed, please accept this letter as an update and as a chance for us to extend our heartfelt appreciation. However, if you have not contributed, we offer this as a perfect opportunity for you to be a part of this endeavor.

While we appreciate contributions of any size, gifts of $500 and above will go a long way toward helping to complete this project and will be recognized with the placement of the donor's name on a plaque to be hung near Dr. Hytche's portrait. For your name to be placed on the plaque your gift must be received by June 1, 2016. Members of the WPHLI committee will be following up this appeal letter with a phone solicitation in the near future. With your financial support we can complete the goals of the Legacy Initiative and finally showcase and document the many contributions that Dr. Hytche made to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore/Maryland State College for the generations to come. All contributions may be tax deductible.

Thanks in advance for helping us to make this happen!


Earl S. Richardson, '65

Honorary Chairperson

Stephen L. McDaniel, UMES

Vice President, Institutional Advancement

Honorary Committee

Dr. Earl S. Richardson '65, Chair

Dr. William B. DeLauder *

The Honorable Roy P. Dyson

Dr. Edward B. Fort

Dr. Frederick S. Humphries

Dr. Mortimer H. Neufville

Dr. N. Joyce Payne

Dr.Thelma B. Thompson

Dr. John S. Toll *

The Honorable Joseph D. Tydings



Patricia H. Alexander '69, Founder

William F. Armstrong '70, Founder

Charles D. Gregg '68, Founder

Willie L. Baker,Jr. '65

Dr. Herman E. Eure '69

Dianna Rogers-Ford '69

Ernest R. Satchell '63

Jaqueta Hytche-Simms '78

Jessie Cottman Smith '50

Suzanne Waters Street '00

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  • Albert C. R.
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  • Silhouette
  • Percy W. T.
    I Gave $250
    I am pleased to support all in honoring this great educator.
  • Ambrose J.
    I Gave $1,000
    Dr. Hytche was a once in a lifetime type of mentor. Through him many doors were opened for me personally and professionally.
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  • Jaqueta S.
    I Gave $200
    Dr. William P. Hytche's grandchildren
  • Carl  B.
    Carl B. '73
    I Gave $500
    Dr. Hytche made a difference in so many lives. He coached and mentored us before we knew the full value of his gifts. I will be forever in his debt.
  • UMES  N.
    UMES N. '76
    I Gave $1,500
  • Jaqueta S.
    I Gave $1,000
    Dr. Hytche's children
  • Herman E.
    Herman E. '69
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  • Regina N.
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    Class of 1976
  • Herman F.
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  • Mark B.
    Mark B. '88
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  • Bryant M.
    Bryant M. '78
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    Dear Fellow Hawks, Please join me and I make a donation in honor of one of our greatest leaders!! Bryant C. Mitchell (Class of 1978)
  • Ernest S.
    Ernest S. '63
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  • Herman E.
    Herman E. '69
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    Go Hawks!
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    Pat A. '69
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    Go all Hawks and especially the Mighty, Mighty Class of '69!
  • William A.
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